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You just had your Freeline brand new, and you want to learn to drive in Freeline Skates? Ok! This section is for you! The team WalkIsOut, will reveal, important points to skate well! First, find a place where the flooring is smooth and where it is easy to practice Freeline Skates. It should be noted that it is easier to learn next to a wall to start. Try to visualize and understand the specific movement of Freeline Skates. The movement remains INTERIOR, EXTERIOR step with right foot and left. Lean on the wall to keep the balance and integrate the [...]


The Boneless is one of the trick the more useful in the world of Freeline Skates. Well, it will enable you to get over obstacles as sidewalks, marches without bringing you down from your Freeline. The Handling : First, you must know coughing your Freeline with your hands when you’re riding At first, it’s recommended to train yourself to caught your Freeline when you’re riding, then to keep your balance on an only foot. This step is a really important one, it will helps you to manage the movement of Boneless quickly. To put down your foot : When the [...]


Here you are ! You know how to move with your !  You feel good sensations ! Everywhere you go, you take your Freeline with you ! You’re riding more and more, going faster and faster, but oops! The only problem you meet is that you can’t stop when you absolutely need it, you can’t slow down when there’s an obstacle ! This video’s just made for you. To assimilate it, WalkIsOut is giving you some supplements. Enjoy ! The first point is that you might exercise in a quiet place, without a lot of car and traffic (when you [...]


You want to begin with class on Freeline Skates ? Well, try the “Back Stomp”! This trick is really practical, to start, when you got a Freeline on your hand and the other on the ground. Thus, with this trick, you’ll begin with more dynamism, more speed and then more STYLE ! How to start ? To do this trick, you first have to place the Freeline on your front foot. Train yourself to push with your back foot on the ground, with the freeline on your front foot. Try to move along, keep a maximum your balance on your front [...]


Lot of tricks in Freeline Skates are based on rotations, as the 360, but don’t worry, that’s nevertheless an easy one. It helps you to have a better control of your Freeline axis, then it opens you the door of several other tricks ! To realize this trick, there’s several steps you have to follow ! The move : First, for all tricks for which we must do a rotary move, it’s essential to use your body. It means the swinging of your arms, your hips and your head. The last one got an important role for rotations. Turn your [...]


The ThrowBack 180 ! Mythical trick, even incontrovertible of Freeline Skates ! This trick is more technical than the trick already presented. She needs a lot of mastery from the rider. If you wants to challenge yourself on freeline, to find more difficult trick, well the ThrowBack 180 backside to 180 is a one you will certainly enjoy ! It consists on passing the freeline behind the rider (the freeline curve looks like a “banana”). The rider, at the same time, does a 180° on a foot to take back to Freeline, which then is in front of him ! [...]


Let’s try a nice trick, which will make you work on your balance ! You can do it with your front or with your back foot ! Caution, you need to master your balance to realize the One Footer To Flip Stomp ! How do you have to take your Freeline ? This is the first difficulty… to take the freeline skates comfortably, you have to crouch gently to reach this one. Try to put all your strength to the leg which will support your balance. Then, catch your Freeline. Well, little advice : as soon as you take your freeline, you [...]


The Change Stomp is a trick which allows you to change your freeline skates of foot, for the realization of tricks more and more perfect ! It consists on putting your freeline right on your left foot and inversely. With some training, it’s an easy trick. At the beginning, you have to try to ride with a reduced speed to realize this trick. The gap : This is  the first step ! Even the most important ! You must set-up your foot so that one foot will be  higher than the other ! Your foot mustn’t be aligned at all. Put space [...]


Mythical trick in the Freeline Skate, it permits to make a rotation (the flip) with a Freeline ! Which position do you need to have ? To learn the Toe Flip, there’s a lot of “small wheezes”. First you need to understand that you do the toe flip hitting the freeline on the ground. That’s the Freeline Skate edge which allows this rotation. In order to do that, you need to have a peculiar position. Move your feet forward ! You can’t do this trick with your foot on the same line, because the freeline will go behind (then it’s really [...]


Let’s try a nice trick, which will make you work on your balance ! You can do it with your front or with your back foot ! Caution, you need to master your balance to realize the One Footer To Flip Stomp ! How do you have to take your Freeline ? This is the first difficulty… to take the freeline skates comfortably, you have to crouch gently to reach this one. Try to put all your strength to the leg which will support your balance. Then, catch your Freeline. Well, little advice : as soon as you take your freeline, you [...]


Cross Footer is the SYMBOL of the Asiatic style. It comes from Japan, it’s caracterised by the crossing of the Freeliner’s feet. WalkIsOut improves this trick, and teach you the Cross footer Throw Back ! It consists on passing your freeline behind and then take it back (after your cross footer). It looks hard, but we all know that a video speaks well than words ! By watching the video, you’ll understand easily ! The crossing : To do the cross footer throwback, begin by the simple  cross footer. For that, try to understand the position, and train yourself in a [...]


Then, this is an high level ! Here it’s an Asiatic trick. The banana requires mastery and practice.  It’s a really hard trick… French who manage this trick aren’t numerous. But with some practice… Why not you ? Well, it simple : Banana consists on throwing the back freeline, that its curve makes something like a ‘banana’ (that’s why it’s its name), and then you got to catch it back with the same foot. The freeline drop : that’s where everything is playing : the event is essential !! For the trajectory looking as a banana, finish the move with your toes [...]


Now, let’s start the shov-it ! It’s a pretty easy trick. If you’re a champion, you’ll do it in only an afternoon !! Some precisions : try to realize this trick slowly first, and it’s better to know how to keep your balance… This trick will be then easier ! Your foot position : Indeed, to do this trick, you have to know how to make a circular rotation with your freeline. It’s pretty easy : place your foot on an edge of the freeline skate. Push gently on this edge by finishing your foot move in behind as you can [...]


The Kick Flip is a trick more difficult, which deserves certain training. To help you, we’ll try to break the trick down, in some parts very clears. When you will understand the principle, then you will realize the Kick Flip easily. The speed : For this kind of tricks, you need to have some speed, people often thinks that doing a trick with a low speed will make it being easier… But in most case it isn’t. Indeed, for this trick, taking speed is good for you freeline, especially when it will hit the ground. Brief, when you’re straight on your [...]


Most of time called the « one footer change », this is the perfect trick for you balance ! Indeed, to realize this trick, you need to know perfectly keeping your balance (back and front). This kind of tricks is for EXPERT freeliners ! This isn’t a trick for beginners, you need to have a good master of your freeline, but you can try, if you’re really turned on by this trick !  First point : When you’re able to keep your balance front and back during about ten seconds, you’re ready to manage this trick ! The first difficulty is to change [...]



Everything’s in the title :  Festival of Freeline Skates – Paris 2012 – | WalkIsOut | Europe !! ^^ You can see it on our Youtube channel or WalkIsOut official website ! The session took place the 15th to the 17th June, 2012. It was organized thanks to the WalkIsOut team, and thanks to the brand official Freeline Skates. This festival set at different places, there is the explanation of each day. –  Day 1 : Session where the riders who were presents there, at Parc Andre Citroen. Then, we go to the Bastille square, to start making the Freeline Skates discovered. [...]


WalkIsOut team organized a session in paris, June 2011 !


The French Freeline Skates team Walkisout, thanks all riders, and all people who support us ! Thanks to all of you, for being there, for big events, big sessions, for helping us promoting Freeline Skates, making us be known ! Then, have a look to this video, created a few month ago, just for you ! Thanks to be more and more numerous helping and joining us ! Let’s discover all our videos about different sessions HERE ! THANKS ! AND RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME !


As you know, Freeline Skates isn’t only the material on its own, but it’s also others products : t-shirts, sweats, clothes, that you can buy here ! Right now, Freeline Skates shoes exist ! Be a real rider from top to bottom thanks to it ! Discover all the models on the Walkisout promotional video ! It isn’t available now, but it looks like it will in December… Then, be prepared, and when they’re available, just take it ! But, today, you just have a thing to do… ;) RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME !!  


WalkIsOut, is a Freeline Skates team, then, inevitably, we make session videos, learning Freeline Skates videos, but WIO, is also a big family, loved and supported ! That”s why, a video has been realized, and each of you, shows us your support ! THANKS EVERYBODY ! Thanks those who help us promoting Freeline Skates, those who make WalkIsOut being known, those who help us organizing sessions and big events around the discipline, those who are present, in the shadow as in the light !! ;) “cause we all love WalkIsOut… ;) RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME



Discover the best pictures from the WIO contest !! Mathieu’s picture just comes from New-Caledonia !! Thanks for bringing our stickers there ! ;) Congratulations ! Discover other best pictures from the WIO contest in our gallery ! RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME


Discover the best pictures from the WIO contest !! Today, rediscover Sonylours‘ picture ! Really cute :) Congratulations & Thanks !!   Discover other best pictures from the WIO contest in our gallery ! RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME


Discover the best pictures from the WIO contest !! This time, this is Sophie‘s pictures that we decided to introduce !! We find it really original, thanks for giving a new style to our stickers. ;) Discover other best pictures from the WIO contest in our gallery ! RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME


Discover the best pictures from the WIO contest !! Doums, is the big winner of this contest, with 11 000 votes !! Thanks to this picture, he won a Grom Freeline Skates pair !! Congratulations ;) Discover other best pictures from the WIO contest in our gallery ! RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME


Walkisout team introduces you Gary, official photographer ! Guillaume Legret gotta audiovisual certificate, and is specialist in photo and video montage. He takes part of the WIO audiovisual communication team, he films with board camera, for flowing and direct plans. He uses a GoPro Camera.. :) Then, we all thank Gary, because it’s notably thanks to him that we can purpose you such good videos about sessions and different events.. ;) RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME


Everybody knows it, each team got its own mascot… And WalkIsOut, the french Freeline Skates team, got its own, original and really its ! Meet the WalkIsOut EGG ! This is certainly the first egg-mascot that you meet… And we didn’t choose it  by chance ! Indeed, first you need to know  that eating eggs is really good for health, because it’s enriched in A-vitamin (for the sight), iron, choline, D-vitamin, B12-vitamin… Eggs, is really the essential foods to be a perfect rider, always fit and ready to ride and ride everytime !! ;) That’s also for that, that at [...]


Freeline Skates is a new trendy sport, and even if it’s a sliding sport, it also got some characteristic, which make it attractive… Among it, the fact that you can practise Freeline Skates everywhere : flat, skate-park, bowl, descent, street… As well as its lightness, then you can really take your Freeline Skates everywhere with you, as you can practise it everywhere ;) Join the Walkisout Freeline Skates community, contact us ! RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME !


All Walkisout Freeline Skates videos are realised by riders, and filmed with a GoPro camera, which is adapted to sliding sport shooting, and used by the biggers group of the World !! On this photo, this is our friend Romaric who is filming. You can find all our videos on our Youtube Channel or, on the page Videos of this Website !! ;) RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME  


Freeline Skates is composed of a wooden structure (for GROM) or metal on (for OG), and of course of Wheels. You can choose your Wheels colors when you , then you can have it for your taste, and ride with color combination of your choice ! However, wheels are used really fast… For the best glidding feelings, think about changing them regularly !! ;) buy new ones as soon as you need it, !  


The French Freeline Skates team WalkisOut introduces you, Luis Alvarez, 26 years-old rider, who promote Freeline Skates in Europe with Freeline Skates Europ and in France with our team, WalkIsOut. He comes from Venezuela, and we had the pleasure to ride with him this year, during our european session at the spanish capital !! He has rided in several countries, as France, Spain, South America… wich allows him to meet a lot of riders. He’s a specialist in doing a lot of tricks quicly. He’s better in flat but he also is a really good rider in descent, and skate [...]


Learning how to slow down in Freeline Skates, is a step that you can’t jump, and that you will easily manage. But learning how to slow down with class, with a powerslide… is something which asks for more technic ! ;) A good rider is recognized thanks to his way to SLOW DOWN !! With a powerslide, you can be sure to look amazing! More longer as the Powerslide ruts, then more the rider is mastering his Freeline Skates !! This one,  was realized by Charles-Alexis Murté, rider from Freeline Crazy East Teddy Team since four years, during the session [...]


Freeline Skates is a new trendy sport, which is expending rapidly in France. Sliding sport and skate-board variation, Freeline Skates, is composed of two platforms under each foot (a Freeline Skates is made for each foot). Your feet isn”t fixed on it, and this sport is practising thanks to the rider”s balance. The move stays inside/outside. Freeline Skates had been created by Ryan Farelly a few years ago. There are two sorts of Freeline Skates. Freeline Skates GROM, with a wooden platform, is more adapted to start learning Freeline Skates. Freeline Skates OG, are composed of metal. It”s more made [...]


WalkIsOut, the French team, came to Madrid, in 2012, March, for an european session ! Riders, with their friend Luis Alvarez, had the pleasure to visit Luis” spanish sponsor, InGravityShop !! We thank them, who gave us such a lot of material !! This shop is in an hilly part of Madrid, then, it”s an interesting riding spot, that spanish riders know well, and where our friend and the really good rider Luis find what he likes ;) Ride & Ride Everytime


The french Freeline Skates team, WalkIsOut, introduces you, this new sport, which become more and more known !! New trendy sport which is expanding rapidly in France, you can buy Freeline Skates on . If you start on your own and that you don”t know how to learn Freeline Skates, our special column is made for you ;) If you have some questions more technical, and that our column doesn”t answer your questions, then just contact us !! As soon as you know how to ride, and that you feel at-ease on your Freeline Skates, then you can start learning [...]


The french Freeline Skates team, WalkISOut, introduces you, Charles-Alexis Murté, rider since five years, et creator of the Freeline Crazy East Teddy Team. His goal, creating this team, was to (reunir) (le plus de) riders as possible, in the East of France, where he comes from. He rides with WalkIsOut for the first time, during the second session organized at Paris. He was coming there, as the representative of his team, and, this day, a real relationship has been created between Charly and WIO’s riders. Since this session, he came to every national sessions we had organized !! He was [...]


Pierre Meddah, is, with his mate Romaric Paul, one of the creator of the french Freeline Skates team WalkisOut. He discovered Freeline Skates four years ago and had been immediately interested by it. Already slidding sport enthusiast as skate, he has been intrigued by Freeline Skates, and this is how his new passion is born. After training himself to ride during a few time, he quickly started to learn tricks. He loves more riding on flat places. His spot takes place at Vichy, where he created a little team of riders, who meet up for riding together at the Market Hall [...]


The Freeline Skates Festival, organized by WalkIsOut with Freeline Europ, took place from the 14th to the 17th June, 2012, at PARIS ! Here it is a part of the WalkIsOut team present ! On this picture, on the foreground, it’s Clémence Devron, which is caring about all the visual stuff at WIO’s, with Florian Michel, Gary and Pierre ! It’s thank to her that we can make this video about the Festival. ;) This is the only OFFICIAL girl Freeliner from WalkIsOut, for the moment !! And we hope girls, you will be numerous to join her !! You [...]


Freeline Skates Festival took place this year, at Paris, and WalkIsOut helped to organize it, with Freeline Europ ! Three days of ride, non-stop, with riders from differents countries (germans, dutch…).. A lot of riders, then ! Riders can have a lot of fun, with sessions by night, a contest, session in skate parks ! Properly, this picture had been take during a session in one of the bigger skate park of Paris ! Be careful, crash helmet compulsory ;) Thanks to this nice parisian spot of ride, our riders can show to others their ability for riding, and their willness [...]


With the increasing popularity of Freeline Skates, the products request is more and more important… Then, after sweats and t-shirt, the Freeline Festival saw a new product arriving, which should have a great success : the Freeline Skates glasses !! Riders were all wearing it proudly during the Festival, in June !! ;) They’re available in several colors, all pretty flashies, to celebrate this summer !! Black, classic, white, blue, red, purple, yellow… With any of your clothes, you can were your beautiful Freeline Skates glasses !! ;) Buy right now your Freeline Skates glasses, to ride Freeline skates from [...]


As you certainly know, the Festival of Freeline Skates, took place this year, from  the 14th to the 17th 2012, June, in our awesome French capital, PARIS !! Riders can have fun with big sessions, as in one of the biggest Parisian skate-park, but also with night sessions, and a CONTEST between all the riders !! They were numerous, coming from everywhere in Europ, as Germany and Holland. We had a real pleasure, to meet them, to receive them, to ride with them, to share our common passion, Freeline Skates !! Then, the Walkisout Freeline Skates team, thanks all of [...]


The French Freeline Skates team WalkisOut, introduces to you its younger rider : Nicolas Andrianoelison! He’s riding with us since a few time, but he already is considered as a future prodigy of European Freeline Skates. This fifteen years-old boy, got the First place, at the Freeline Festival, in the Rookie category !! Really good in flat, he’s a diligent Freeliner, and got a promising future, we can imagine he will be pro in some years !! Nicolas, got several places in the Freeline Skates world, being in the same time a rider (one of the youngest in France), a [...]


Pierre Meddah, is one on the creator of the french Freeline Skates team, Walkisout ! He began Freeline Skates, about four years ago, and never stop riding from there! Pretty better in flat, Pierre manages some tricks, and he’s pretty good on the Walkisout Face2Face grup. He helps promoting Freeline Skates in France and Europ, and organize the most part of the national sessions, and events around the discipline! He came to the Freeline Skates Festival, which took place at Paris, June the 15th 2012. This picture has been taken, when he was doing his run, where he manages Stomp [...]


The French Freeline Skates team WalkIsOut, has organised a first session at Paris, in 2011. Here it is a little picture, taken under the Eiffel Tower, for this occasion !! :) This Freeline Skates session was a big one, which you can watch the video HERE. Thanks to all riders who were presents !! ;) As you can notice on this picture, there were multicolor Freeline ! Add a personal touch to you Freeline as you want, by chosing your wheels color, and you can also choose your edge-guards color !! If you want to customize your grip, have a [...]