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Then, this is an high level ! Here it’s an Asiatic trick. The banana requires mastery and practice.  It’s a really hard trick… French who manage this trick aren’t numerous. But with some practice… Why not you ?

Well, it simple : Banana consists on throwing the back freeline, that its curve makes something like a ‘banana’ (that’s why it’s its name), and then you got to catch it back with the same foot.

The freeline drop : that’s where everything is playing : the event is essential !! For the trajectory looking as a banana, finish the move with your toes AND THEN the freeline will ride on its outside edge, and its trajectory will look like everything you want, like a banana ! Master your throwing. First, try to make a convex trajectory, and to be perfect : master the strength of your throwing ! If you throw it on a strong way, your freeline will pass in front of you, and it will make you fall. If you throw it on a weak way, then the freeline will be so far to be caught back… At the beginning, you must try to make little bananas, and when you feel ready, try bigger bananas !

The balance : don’t try banana if you don’t know how to keep your balance. For this trick, you don’t only need to keep your balance, you also need to master your trajectory on just ONE foot (front one). When you start your banana, you need to know approximately where your freeline is, even if it’s on your back. If your event isn’t correct and that the freeline doesn’t catch you up, at the end of his “banana” trajectory, you can cut the distance by going towards it, keeping of course, your balance on your front foot. Freeliner must be synchronized with freeline trajectory. Adapt yourself to its trajectory, if it’s too far, go towards it, if it’s too close, try to move away from it.

Nothing’s impossible if you believe in it ! So just BELIEVE and REPEAT that : RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME, then your banana, it’s “finger in the nose” !


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