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one footer etc

Most of time called the « one footer change », this is the perfect trick for you balance ! Indeed, to realize this trick, you need to know perfectly keeping your balance (back and front). This kind of tricks is for EXPERT freeliners ! This isn’t a trick for beginners, you need to have a good master of your freeline, but you can try, if you’re really turned on by this trick !

 First point : When you’re able to keep your balance front and back during about ten seconds, you’re ready to manage this trick ! The first difficulty is to change of foot. Every freeliner got his own advice, but WIO advices you to try to jump high to change your foot. More high you’ll jump, more time you will have to well place your foot at the landing !! But by this way, you also can slip and then fall… This is the more “dangerous” way we suggest you but, this is the quicker way for assimilating this trick ! ;)

But first try to do it at the same place, then with a little speed. Quicker you will be more chance of falling you have.

Second point : when the « change » is mastered, then you can tell yourself that the practical method is almost right !

Now, you have to keep your balance and replace your freeline under your foot. To do that, don’t hesitate to watch this trick : “one footer to slip stop”, if you want more details !

Third point : You might have noticed that at the end of the trick, your freeline are back to front. Then you just have to do a Change Stomp and it’s okay ! Some riders prefer doing the freeline change at the beginning of the trick, just do as you feel better ! ;)

This is a pretty difficult technic to realize, because of the fact it takes time… But you know the concept… Just RIDE & RIDE EVERYTIME and then everything you want to do will be in the pocket ;)



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