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kick flip
AUTEUR : jujuwio

The Kick Flip is a trick more difficult, which deserves certain training. To help you, we’ll try to break the trick down, in some parts very clears. When you will understand the principle, then you will realize the Kick Flip easily.

The speed : For this kind of tricks, you need to have some speed, people often thinks that doing a trick with a low speed will make it being easier… But in most case it isn’t. Indeed, for this trick, taking speed is good for you freeline, especially when it will hit the ground. Brief, when you’re straight on your freeline, it’s time to learn how to place your foot.

The position of the foot : For the Kick Flip, it’s important to have a good position on the edge of your Freeline. As the video shows you, your foot must be at the outside edge of the Freeline. Be careful to not offset your Freeline, you will risk falling… (WIO knows a lot about that! ;) )

The foot pressure : When your foot has a good position, now it’s time to press your Freeline, to give it impulsion enough to hit the ground, and then start the rotation. It’s important to precise that you don’t have to press your freeline with all your strength, just a light pressure quick enough will be okay.

BE CAREFUL : raise your foot !! Indeed, once you will have thrown your freeline in its rotation, you have to raise your foot, to not disturb the freeline which is raised. Then, you can take back your freeline quickly and easily.

For the best ones : now, for those who are better than others, and I know there are among all of you, you can try the impulsion of the Freeline on the two edges (outside/inside). Be careful, when you practice the impulsion on the inside edge of your freeline, to press stronger, then your freeline will follow your speed.

No miracle to manage : RIDE & RIDE FRIENDS ! ;)


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