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Lunette de Soleil Freeline Skates
AUTEUR : WalkIsOut

A new Freeline Skates product, which should be really loved, came out few weeks ago, during the Freeline Festival, at Paris !! Discover the new Freeline Skates sunglasses, that you need to have, for your future sessions under the Sun !! ;) be class from your head to your feet when you’re riding !! ;)

More style, more class. The “Freeline Sunglasses” has became a legend in the Freeline world !! Slight, original Wayfarer style, it’s purposed in several fashionable colors ! Be trendy with your new Freeline Skates sunglasses, that you can wear in any situation, with any clothes !! ;)

Adapted to any sport of ride !! Enjoy !! ;)


Thomas // le 27-Jul-2012 16:26 // Note :

Trop la classe les lunettes Freeline en Freeline !! :p

RIDOLFI // le 07-Aug-2012 07:43 // Note :

Vraiment ringard, pas du tout à mon goût.

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